#V3 Testnet Feedback# My experience with ZKswap testnet V3

Hello everyone,

I’m glad I had the opportunity to test V3 testnet. I believe ZkRollups will constantly grow as eth proves not to be scalable which means that solutions such as ZkSwap could become more and more unavoidable. Why ZKSwap ? Because it differentiates himself from other concurrents by creating an axed development over NFTS. I think it might be a great idea to provide users to ZKS since NFTs are still an emergent technology with a lot of improvement that can be made on it and they attract lots of users And of course we need to mention the fact that ZKswap has reallly low transaction fees which is obvioulsy a characteristic of this beatiful ZK Rollups and it is even more bullish to provide not only crypto native users but also newcomers and llittle portfolio owners !

Testing the V3 on Rinkeby was nice, the best part of it was the UI which made the experience really great. I have no bug to report and I’m glad I had fun testing out the V3. However I did find time to deposit fund a little bit long but it wasn’t the case for swapping or minting NFTs so I that’s fine. I also had lack of eth because transaction fees on tesnet were high but it’s not related to mainnet, it was just a bit sad that I couldn’t buy all the NFTS i wanted haha ! Which leads me to say that I love the NFTS community at ZkSwap!! You guys really have a lot of imagination haha ! I’m going to reload some eth in my rinkeby adress so that I can buy more NFT that made me laugh ! I’'m looking forward to learn more about ZKSwap in the future and to test the mainnet V3 when it comes out :)) Great work team.

My adress is here guys if you liked my honest feedback on ZKS and its testnet : 0x59c751Ed92263ca2e3D1b96cFBC12EEB6B2bb858

See you soon !