#v3 testnet #feefback good v3

thanks ZKS Team everyone, I’m glad to have the opportunity to test V3 testnet. I believe Zkswap will continue to improve for the better, and move forward, by creating this perfect V3. It’s because eth is proven to be scalable which means that solutions like ZkSwap v3 can become more and more unavoidable, zkswap V3 is the best at the moment. Why ZKSwap V3? Because it distinguishes itself from the current shortage of swaps in the crypto world, what distinguishes it is by creating development geared towards NFTS. I thought it might be a good idea to provide users to ZKSwap because NFT is still an emerging technology with a lot of improvements that could be made and they are attracting a lot of users And of course we need to mention the fact that ZKswap has really low transaction fees which is definitely a characteristic of This beautiful ZKSwap and even more perfect and attractive, to provide not only digital currency users, crypto natives but also newcomers and small portfolio owners! Testing V3 on Rinkeby was great, the best part was the UI which made the experience really great, and amazingly good. I have no bugs to report and I’m glad I had fun testing V3. But I found the time for depositing funds to be a bit long, as well as withdrawing assets, but it didn’t matter to me the most important thing was that the quality of the zkswap feature was as I expected. But that’s not the case for exchanging or printing NFT so I don’t have a problem with that. that. I also have a lack of eth because the transaction fees on tesnet are high but not related to mainnet, just a little sad that I can’t buy all the NFTS I want thanks, only a few NFT transactions I was able to complete! Which makes me say I love the NFTS community on ZkSwap V3!! You guys really have a lot of amazing imagination with this V3, congratulations to the Zkswap Team. I will be reloading some eth in my rinkeby address so I can buy more NFT which makes me want to trade again buy the NFT I want. And I can’t wait to learn more about ZKSwap in the future and to test the mainnet V3 which actually, hopefully it will be even more perfect. Great work team. I as a Testsnet user wish you Congratulations, perfect work for the zkswap V3 Team with perfect work (V3). I all pray that zkswap will continue to be the best, from the zks coin to the zkswap V3 coin. hopefully it will continue to be the best and will be a mainstay for all of us in the crypto world now and in the future. I think that’s all I can say about my opinion after testing V3. thanks…! L2; 0xB370f608A920E6CA80c30AeF7F9cD3c20baBC557