#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwapV3 testnet feedback

Hello ZKSwap community! I’m so excited to share my experience from testing the ZKNFT.
I followed the tutorial given us in Medium article, and here are my thoughts:

  1. Minting test tokens was no problem, it went very smoothly, which I was happy about, since some faucet are very hard to use.
  2. Deposinting test tokens to Layer2 Wallet also went very well. There was no delay, and the transaction was completed very fast! The wallet itself looks very easy to use, and even there was no step-by-step guide, I’d still be able to figure things out!
  3. The next step was to master the Layer2 ZKNFT Features, and unfortunately I had some problems with that! The site itself was lagging, the NFTs didn’t want to show, no matter how long I’ve waited (

    I couldn’t connect my wallet, I clicked on the sign button in Metamask and nothing seem to happen :frowning:
    When the page finally loaded I couldn’t edit my profile, since the button was not accessible to click (with some NFTs showing it doesn’t work, I figured it later)
    The concluson: overall, I liked my experience with using NFT feature, and I can definetely see, how with some work the site will work smoothly! I suggest moving the profile button away from the NFTs showing ( for example, move it to the top right corner).
    The ZKSwap looks amazing! I can’t wait to actually use it :slight_smile:
    P.S.: please, check the NFT I made XD this is my first time creating an NFT, which is very exciting for me!
    P.P.S.: the wallet I used is 0xC19B9a1e71552560B24fC4fC39ED4543f44A7B3A