#V3 Testnet Feedback# Testing Report and Opinion on ZKS V3 NFT


So it’s time to talk about my experience using V3 and the NFT ZKSwap Marketplace. The release of ZKSwap V3 NFT is of great importance to me and I am closely following all the events and news from the team. Therefore, I am very glad to be among the first to be given the opportunity to test the new platform and share my experience. Perhaps this experience will help to improve the product and benefit the project. So, friends, you can make tea and take your favorite cookies. Let’s go!

I spent some time studying the updated platform and the features that are available to the user. In general, I have very positive impressions of the interaction process. Although it was not without errors and bugs, I will tell you about them a little below. I would also like to highlight the excellent design change. Guys, the community notices that you are trying and improving the product in every possible way! I see that you have expanded the design department and you have a new “star” there =)
Cool for the design, special thanks. It is light and not stressful. What you need! But I think that the possibility of changing the theme to “night” would be a great gift for fans of dark themes in the design. I’m not, so I like it the way it is right now.

For correct testing, I was guided by this guideCopy of Layer2 NFT Tutorial English - Google Docs
But I didn’t stop there and studied everything from beginning to end.

System: I use Windows 10 and Google Chrome

Please note: Tap on the link https://faucet.paradigm.xyz/ unfortunately empty for days and I had to look for third-party taps. It’s good that friends from the community suggested me another faucet with test tokens on the Rinkeby network. The ZKS and USDT faucet works perfectly

When clicking on a direct link to the NFT section https://v3.zks.app/en/nft I have a problem. I couldn’t connect the wallet, and the page also looked like it hadn’t loaded yet. I waited a few minutes, nothing happened. After the page was reloaded, nothing new happened - the page was not fully loaded (I did not see the NFT), clicking on the toolbar links from above did not give any results, the metamask did not connect to the application. I recorded a video to clearly show the essence of the problem and how I solved it.

The solution to the problem: The transition to the root page of the site helped me https://v3.zks.app/ There I was able to connect the metamask and return to the NFT section to continue working.

Next, I decided to test the function of depositing tokens from the L1 wallet to the L2 wallet. I transferred USDT to the L2 wallet. The deposit took exactly 5 minutes. I had no doubt that everything would be fine with this, since this function worked perfectly in previous versions before. Of course, I would like the transfer of tokens from L1 to L2 to be instantaneous, but we understand that this operation takes a long time. So, I think the result of 5 minutes is excellent. The deposit works flawlessly.

Let’s move on! And then I checked the swaps. There are no problems with swaps, I make just a few clicks and send a rocket to the moon :rocket: Everything happens instantly. Also, for swaps, I chose various token options for fee payment.

After I made swaps, I went to the “L2 Wallet” section, where I checked the results of swaps and the status of funds in the account. Then I clicked on the “NFT” section to set up my profile and install an avatar. But after switching from “L2 Wallet” to “NFT” in the pop-up menu of the “User Page” button, the “My Profile” tab turned out to be inactive. Only the “Sell NFT” tab was active (only the upper part of it). I reloaded the page, reconnected my metamask, but the problem repeated. After numerous attempts, I noticed that when switching from any section to the “NFT” section, the “My Profile” tab (User PageMy Profile) is active and available for clicking for about 1 second until the page is fully loaded. When the page has loaded, the “My Profile” tab becomes inactive again. It didn’t work out for the first time, but I still opened my profile for editing and was able to configure it. The video will show what it looks like.

The solution to the problem: Hand speed and developed finger motor skills :grin: This is a joke. Of course, setting up an account should not be associated with such difficulties. I also want to note that in the guide that I noted above, the presence of the “User Page” icon at the top of the toolbar (next to the name of the Rinkeby test network) was mentioned. This key could have solved my problem, but unfortunately I didn’t have it. I consider its presence mandatory.

User Page

What can I say about working with the profile. Very convenient organization of the process - everything is at hand, there is no congestion. The process does not take much time. The ability to put a profile photo is a great thing. Like it.

Minting NFT
If everything is clear with the DEX functions (the last version - V2 has an excellent arsenal of features and gives the full functionality of DEX to the user at an excellent level. What can we say about V3?), then the functions related to NFT appear for the first time on the ZKSwap platform and arouse increased interest.

Creating your own collection of non-fungible tokens turned out to be easy and simple. The platform has all the necessary functionality for this. I liked the interface and logic of the system, which is understandable even to a beginner who is far from the world of cryptocurrencies. This is important, as many young artists are not so well integrated into crypto. I consider the presence of the “Properties” menu on the NFT creation page to be positive. But I think this point should be worked out in more detail. At a minimum, settings for the total number of items in the collection are required, as well as settings for the token belonging to a specific collection. In general, it is necessary to expand not only the settings for creating a specific token, but also the settings for grouping it with other tokens and belonging to specific collections.

Search in NFT Mall
The next point I want to mention is related to the previous one. This is a search in the “NFT Mall”. Visually, the search looks ergonomic and fits perfectly into the design of the page. But there are not enough advanced settings. It is necessary to abandon the search system only by the token ID number. This function is needed, but it should be included in the advanced search settings menu. The majority of users search for NFT by name, and more often by the name of collections or by the name/nickname of the author. And here we can go back to the previous paragraph, in which I wrote about advanced collection settings when creating tokens. Advanced settings are needed when creating an NFT, this will make it possible to make advanced settings when searching for an NFT. The search should be organized logically and visually so that a person takes it organically, as a matter of course. After all, if a person does not find “his” NFT, then he will not buy it :grin: I also consider it extremely necessary to include the following types of sorting in the advanced search settings:

  • sorting by date of creation/publication on the marketplace
  • sorting by price (from smaller to larger and vice versa)
  • sorting by number (from smaller to larger and vice versa)
    In fact, this is a standard set that will (I am sure) be added to the functionality. The team is probably already working on it)

After all the settings of my token were completed, I created up my first NFT on ZKSwap V3. NFT minting happens instantly, which pleased me. I decided to fool around a bit and when creating the first NFT, I specifically made a typo in the name in order to check the functions and possibilities for adjustments that the user has after he created his token. It turned out (I had no doubt) that after creating a token, the user cannot make changes. But it came as a surprise to me that I can’t burn my NFT. Although such mechanics seem to me quite logical and convenient. Also, the mechanics of burning tokens can give new opportunities for authors and projects to make a little interactive and use burning for marketing purposes or organizing creative performances. I also consider it a disadvantage that there is no possibility in the “My Profile” → “Create” tab to remove tokens from the list (for example, with an error) that the author does not want to show to the public. Or a system is possible in which the author can hide a certain number of tokens that he does not want to show to the public. Or he creates a separate album with configured access rights and allows only certain users to view it. I think it would be convenient.

Buying NFT
Everything is cool, no complaints. The purchase works flawlessly. I have already written about the search. Moving on.

Sale of NFT
In general, the sales function works well. Except for another problem related to a raw and unoptimized interface. Watch the video below :point_down: I am in my profile and want to sell one of my NFTs. I click on the “three dots” icon next to the token name, then click “Sell”, but nothing happens after that. Moreover, the page becomes inactive, even moving up and down the page does not work.

The solution to the problem: I click on the NFT itself, a page opens with this token. Next, I click the back button in my browser, return to my profile, and after these actions, the sale works.

Tip: Guys, please make pop-ups on the site that would make it clear that my token for sale has been sold. I sold the token and didn’t even realize that it had already been sold) In order to check this, I had to go to the “Wallet” → “NFT Wallet” and look at the list of transactions.

I will also describe to you another bug that I noticed. After entering a non-existent token ID in the search bar, I see just an empty page. Probably there should be an inscription telling the user that such a token does not exist, or it has not been created yet :wink:

At the end, I would like to add a few subjective recommendations, which may be my personal taste. First, it is necessary to increase the number of displayed NFTs along the horizontal line in the NFT Mall. I think the ideal option would be 4 tokens per line. 3 tokens seem cumbersome, in my opinion. Secondly, in the “NFT” section there is a zone where random NFTs “Discover More” are displayed. This area is capable of displaying 6 NFT. It seems to me that logic suggests making a “View More” button under this zone. After clicking on this label, the list of displayed NFTs will expand and increase, or the user will be redirected to the “NFT Mall”.

So, I will finish my review of the testnet and the experience of using ZKSwap V3. Summing up, I can say that even the very first test version of ZKSwap V3 already works well. We just need to work on optimizing the interface and eliminating bugs. All the main functions work, and I work quickly and without delay. Having studied the updated platform in detail, I am even more convinced that ZKSwap is a company that is able to turn the rules of the game in the market and take a leading position in its segment. I would like to thank the team once again for giving me the opportunity to be one of the first V3 testers!

Wallet :point_down:

I didn’t fully understand whether I need to attach a link to my tweet, but I’ll do it just in case.

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