#V3 Testnet Feedback# Opinion

I have a lot of experience on using different chains, protocols, decentralized/centralized exchanges, etc. In order for crypto to experience mainstream adoption, stuff like airdrops need to be intuitive and the risk of scammers eliminated if at all possible.

The airdrop was difficult, not smooth, and I even had to report some scammers on Twitter. When I finally received my tokens through the Rinkeby Test Net faucet after the transaction was pending for 24 hours, everything else went seamlessly. Minting the NFT was easy, swapping from L1 to L2 was simple an easy, and it’s an overall good interface.

I loved ZKSwap, really smooth, but i’am having problems with V3 NFTs, i can’t connect my metamask wallet, even after using the same wallet for swaps minutes ago. I sign the permission after connecting, but i think the app is overloaded or something right now. I would love to try the minting and give you guys more feedback. I will try tomorrow, hoping the issue to be resolved.

I am not a huge expert, but as an user, i had minted several NFTs on Opensea, perhaps i’m doing something wrong now in the test net.

In general, great job guys, and thank you for giving as the opportunity to beta test your work!!

Am shut of words the experience is captivating

The zkswap has a great platform, easy usability and a great project plan.

Wallet address: 0x80F3328DACC4fec4d54C7a005529D0f563c1f5A5

#V3 Testnet Feedback#