#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap V3 testing on rinkeby test network.

Good day sir, Good day ma. It’s a privilege for me to be among the prosperous community since the very first v1 test net in November and I can proudly say I participated in every program with this dex and promise to do more in many times to come.

Talking about v3 testnet which it’s on rinkeby. To say a few words, I am over flattered that ZKS (my most vision and mission long-term project) that I believe in since last year is moving forward day by day.

I have tried all the functions that we have on the dex which includes - swap, pool, deposit, withdraw, send, nft mall, and nft mint, nft send, deposit nft, withdraw nft, and also sending nft to another wallet.

My comment is that,

  • it has a very fine UI design compared to v1 and v2.
  • very easy to use and navigate.
  • since we have nft featured, many people will surely join us in this crypto space such as minting audio, video, and pictures nft.
  • on the testnet, everything seems to be super fast. Which I believe mainnet should be a blast.
  • and a new design for the layer 2 explorers. Everything is super new.

The problem encountered is that,

  • it’s very hard to connect using the chrome metamask extension. Please fix that as soon as possible.
  • sending nft from layer 2 to layer 1, I didn’t receive the nft on my wallet and also checking the explorer for rinkeby and ZKS explorer, I didn’t see any transaction that contains sending the nft. But there is a transaction detail on the DEX that says I transferred to my wallet. Please fix this. In case the dev wants to contact me, this is my telegram id - @MajorMic

I will make sure I keep the testnet assignment working at my end here.

V3 comes for celebration :christmas_tree:. I didn’t expect it to this stage. ZKS is always full of surprises.

Long-life ZKSpace (the new brand name).

In this DEX we trust.

My Twitter post link: and not shilling- https://twitter.com/Mickkyba260/status/1467326827643518981?s=19

My wallet address:- 0x7420837cA507d4AD044aE994917A30760A11d10A