#V3 Testnet Feedback# Be aware that there are other Rinkeby Testnets

There are other Rinkeby Testnet out there , so be aware of what you are switching to in your Wallet …



Good point fam, this is all so early, full of revolutionary potential but it still si important to be diligent and pay attention.

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

I’ve honestly been waiting for ZKSwap to help us enter and streamline the zkRoll-up world!


Because the zkRollups wave is fast approaching! They appear to be one of the holy grails of Layer 2 scalability solutions !:trophy:

zkRollups work by executing transactions outside of Layer 1, taking that data, compressing it and rolling it up to the main chain in a single batch.

Essentially, moving computation off chain allows for major transaction volume and speed while maintaining security through smart contracts.

This is huge for NFTs and Crypto as a whole!

Great times ahead. I enjoyed testing out uni.zksync.io and the whole ZKSwap interface! So much potential and so fast… amazing times ahead :slight_smile:

My Friend, Good to see your #V3 Testnet Feedback# .
Only that , I understand http://uni.zksync.io is a different project and not a part of ZKSwap

Hope thats of some help!


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Having issues attempting to mint my NFT on the rinkeby test network, can I only use faucet tokens?

@nito96g I had issues for a long time yesterday, kept saying " Unknown Error"

Yes you have to use the Faucet tokens, there seems no other option ,as its a TestNet

Yeah, Though I did get a “Successful Message” , I couldn’t find the NFT in the NFT Mall .
I am having issues again today, Cannot load the Mint NFT At all

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where would I find the correct information to add the zksync testnet.