#V3 Testnet Feedback# Trying Out

I saw the news from many sources like twitter, YouTube so on and also saw the article on the website zks.org about Testnet V3. I wanted to try out Zkswap testnet in order to understand what are the special features they are offering and how it works. I started with depositing some ETH test token, I found some tokens in Rinkeby Testnet Network and deposited them very easily and also very fast! That went quite smooth than I expected! I added more pairs to listed coins as well. This also went pretty fast and easy! I think the test for depositing coins were quite successful! it was very fast and I was happy with the performance. I should mention that zks faucet is not quick enough to send the faucets. I have waited long but didn’t receive it. It is in pending state, luckily I had eth test to test it out. Once I successfully deposited the ETH token I went to try NFT mint, buy and sell options. Minting and buying was straight forward and easy to understand. I found little bit confusing while searching for sell options. In the initial stage I was unaware of it, later it was smooth to go a head and try it out. ZKSwap uses the Layer 2 which will reduce the cost dramatically compared to Layer 1, this would be one of the revolutionary option for many nft traders. I have noticed that sometimes confirmation takes longer duration to show it up at the frontend. I don’t know exactly and I have not compared or did some research but for me fees were little bit high for providing the liquidity. If that can be reduced then it would be really good I feel. To conclude One of the good project and looking forward to use it. Good user experience.