#V3 testnet #feedback - This will be a game changer!

Hi there, fellow ZkSwappers!

Today i gladly tested V3 update from ZkSwap! I must say, if the final product is nearly as quick and efficient, this will be a game changer as far as swapping on ETHEREUM is concerned!.

I tried all the functions, including (swaping,depositing,liquidity providing, and all the NFT section)
all went smoothly and fast as can be!

For me though the NFT minting function and marketplace is the best! It was really easy to use and comprehend! As an artist , all the technical mumbo jumbo for NFT minting is often too much for regular people. The way this is implemented is simply great! I minted my first NFT in a matter of minutes and did some NFT trading on the marketplace! i also put some NFT to sell!

Layer 2 depositing is fast and easy and usability couldnt be easier! I’d like to add that this is my first experience with ZkSwap at all, so i was kind of worried this would be coming with a learning curve but anybody with a small technical background will be able to use it in a matter of minutes or hours for the real beginners.

I noticed one small bug in the swap section, not sure if it happended to anybody else but there is one currency named User_33 … maybe its a bug or maybe not, but i though id let you know just in case this is something that needs to be adressed.

Another small Bug was related to page being unresponsive on some occasions some i had to refresh and reconnect my wallet to the app for it to work again. The problem might be on my end though on this one issue. My browser acts strangely once in while lol!

Anyhow, o hope this summed my experience real good, i can’t wait to try the finished product! I sincerely hope this review will help anyone with the same background as me (Non-Technical , mostly artistic side)

On that note i will leave you all and wish you all the best for the future of this project!

Have a Nice day!

L2 : 0x15E5dDe509612E3939a06f67212811bbf5CD9655

#V3 Testnet #Feedback#