#V3 Testnet #Feedback My Opinion

ZKSwap is a completely new and different and attractive platform. Traders and investors will be easily attracted and they will be able to do their activities very easily.

Starting with the first UI of ZKSwap, your UI is very simplistic which is very attractive. Also the load of funds and the type of wallet is very nice. The security of your wallet is very nice. Once the funds are loaded, it can be easily exchanged and its effectiveness is flawless. Gas Fee Choosing from multiple tokens is a beautiful process. Many times you have to go through a lot of trouble because you do not have the specified gas fee, but you can easily perform the loan through it. Through which users can easily buy / sell any amount and any time. .

The function and layout of the L2 Pool is very attractive and easy to use. As a result, new users will be able to work on it easily. Besides, NFT Pool is very aesthetic and attractive. Its mint process is very easy and fast. Which is not possible in other platforms.

I would like to thank the developer team who have made this platform so attractive and beautiful. Really, your platform has made me very attractive. I hope it will attract everyone very soon.ZKSwap will soon set a new record and ZkSwap will be at the top.

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#V3 Testnet #Feedback