#v3 testnet feedback NFT

Dear team, I participated in zks v3 testnet and started exploring NFT here, my feedback on some categories might help,

  1. does not support mint nft using mp4 this must be available
  2. mint nft no supply quantity I hope this will be added because it is very important the user wants to supply how much NFT is printed
  3. The NFT mall feature makes it easy for users to use the keywords/categories they want to search for, and also the option to search for NFT from the lowest, middle, to the most expensive prices. This is very important for collectors, according to the budget they have
  4. artist/art profile, for identity I think it is better to have support for twitter or other social media features, this is a plus for artists
  5. overall running well, mint nft and older sell

best regard, from community zkswap