#V3 Testnet Feedback# My feedback - 3.0V My experience

The design is great in terms of usability and appearance. I didn’t encounter any problems while creating my NFT. All elements of the project did not cause me any problems. I would compare it with the best in this industry NFT. Thanks to you, I had the opportunity to make the first NFT and I will definitely post my entire collection here in the future. Thank you to the project for the opportunity to use your testnet. Below I present to you my first NFT and highly recommend ZKswap.

Below link to my NFT:


Below is a link to my Twitter post:


Suggestions for my changes:

  1. Add an automatic network change button

Zrzut ekranu z 2021-12-04 11-54-36

  1. You can add information that about the expected time of the transaction. So that the user uses the appropriate fee.

I can not add more screenshots*

  1. For the NFT market, I would add the possibility of submitting price offers.

As is the case with opensea. It would be nice to be able to build collections and sell them in full. The whole thing works very smoothly (at least testnet).

  1. When using a computer with a screen with a lower resolution, NFTs occupy a large area of the page. I would reduce and permanently set the resolution for such screens.

I can not add more screenshots*

  1. The coloring of the website is really great, you can’t fault anything. If something could be modified. Any more to add this functionality, it would be great to add a dark theme. The colors are bright and can gently dazzle at night. It’s perfect during the day.

Using ZKSwap 3.0 I did not encounter any technical problems. Thanks for the opportunity to add my opinion. Greetings to the whole community, maybe someone will add some interesting comments to my suggestions

My wallet: 0xbc86e07E21df01bebf160f3840925b987475ca41