#V3 Testnet #Feedback (Xenedar)

I would like to share my feedback with you.

I don’t have much experience with NFTs in general, but I can say that I find the design and layout very clear and user-friendly.

Features I was looking for but did not find are (regarding the MINT process):

  1. you can’t upload a picture via drag&drop, but only via the search.
  2. after uploading the picture, there was no functionality to delete it and upload another one.

I can give the following feedback on the NFT Mall - here I have noticed that:

  1. for me personally the previews are too big and I would rather see more at once.
  2. I missed a categorisation
  3. you can’t search by name / title or description.
  4. the buying process was very easy.


Update -My L2 address: 0xd471e29e4d9af6f0c49a023b3b50be7be7586949

you forget to input your L2 addres sir

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