ZKSea Introduces shu uemura to NFT World

ZKSea, a novel Layer 2 marketplace for digital collectibles built on top of zero-knowledge proof solution ZKSpace, is going to release a luxurious fashion collection in the form of NFTs.

ZKSea introduces shu uemura to NFT world

Japanese luxury and cosmetic brand shu uemura, together with GQLab, the content team behind GQ China, prepares the release of a non-fungible token drop.

Three limited editions of NFT artworks are designed by celebrity illustrator Long Shu, featuring female friendship, entrainment, and career in life. Pioneering L2 NFT platform ZKSea has been chosen as a technical platform for this release and associated airdrop.

All non-fungible tokens of this collection will be minted on ZKSea’s resource-efficient and low-cost platform. For both shu uemura and the artist, this initiative will be the first entrance into the red-hot NFT segment.

GQLab is the long-term strategic partner of the shu uemura brand. This collaboration is set to unveil the cutting-edge NFT experience for all enthusiasts of the fashion, luxury, and digital art industries across the globe. ZKSea’s design will allow it to conduct token minting and airdrops in a fair, inclusive, and transparent manner.

NFT Lottery

GQLab readers have a chance to win a unique non-fungible token in a promo campaign introduced by GQLab and shu uemura. Three winners will be chosen: lucky NFT fans will receive limited ERC-20 (Ethereum-based) digital collectibles. To ensure a seamless airdrop, ZKSea will provide all winners with detailed manuals on how to claim NFT bonuses.

About ZKSea
Built on top of zero-knowledge-proof solution ZKSpace, ZKSea leverages Ethereum’s Layer 2 scalability technology ZK-proofs for minting, storage, and exchange of non-fungible tokens.