#V3 Testnet Feedback# My opinion on ZKSwap

I deeply experienced the NFT function of zkswap and felt very good overall. Specifically, I have the following ideas.

First of all, I think the NFT platform of layer2 is very necessary. Now the service charge of eth main network is very high, which is difficult for ordinary people to afford. For example, I usually go to the opensea platform to have a look. I don’t want to create or buy NFT myself. This is unimaginable for users with less money, but zkswap gives me the opportunity to create NFT, I’m really happy to see my pictures created into NFT.

Secondly, I think creators and buyers are very important to the platform. If many people no longer use the platform because of high handling fees or other reasons, it must be a major loss to the platform for a long time. Therefore, zkswap is very beneficial to both sides. We can see that there are a lot of NFTs on the test network, and many new works are created every day. There are also many interesting works in the mall, which is very attractive to buyers. With enough buyers, artists are willing to create on the platform because they can sell for money.

Third, I think the number of NFT users is still very small. More and more stars enter this field with their fans. The cake is still very large. There are many platforms that can find their own positions. Zkswap has taken the lead. It still needs to polish the product experience and improve the user experience in detail, Attract more newcomers to the industry. The future is yours.

Finally, I think the current zkswap is not very perfect, because compared with opensea, many functions have not been added. The current platform is only a simplified version of NFT trading platform with core functions, but there is still a gap from opensea. It is hoped that the development team can refer to the functions of opensea and further develop more NFT functions, such as auction, blind box sale, collection, artist certification, sharing, etc. Then cooperate with some NFT project parties to bring more wonderful NFT works, which will have a bright future.

My address is:0x0238241758fBd07365157802344Fdc773dddFFF5