#V3 Testnet # My suggestions

I use the zkswap NFT platform. I think the current test network experience is very good, but there are still some deficiencies. In my own opinion, the R & D team can refer to it for corresponding optimization.

The gas fee of eth main network is very high, which makes most retail investors unable to experience the fun of NFT, which is well understood, so they will learn about and use NFT through other ways. I think layer2 is a good solution, which can increase the capacity of many eth main networks, so that more people can use NFT cheaply and quickly.

However, most people use eth because many well-known artists or project parties choose to release NFT on eth. People buy NFT not because it is interesting, but because its price will rise in the future, and buyers can make money, so people will rush to buy NFT works on eth. Although it is very cheap to distribute and buy NFT on zkswap, there is no well-known project party to distribute works. If no one can make money, it is difficult for users to trade.

Therefore, I think it is urgent to find some well-known project partners to cooperate and issue well-known NFT at a very cheap price, so that everyone who buys it can make money. In this way, more people will participate in the game, zkswap can get higher attention and popularity, and then more and more users will experience the fast speed and low gas cost of layer2, The platform can develop.

In addition, it is also important to enrich functions so that users can have more functions available instead of creating NFT and trading transactions on the platform. Otherwise, people will have all kinds of pirated pictures to play on the platform, which will lower the grade of the whole platform, and pirated works will also have infringement problems. I don’t know whether the platform has considered and cracked down on this aspect, Otherwise, there may be legal disputes.

In general, the NFT market is developing very rapidly, and the number of users and funds are growing rapidly. I think there is a lot of space in the future. Zkswap’s layout in this regard is very correct, but it can only be bigger and bigger in the future by further improving the user experience and expanding its influence together with well-known project parties. Wish ZKS team a long journey.