Thanks for the nft features #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Finally, I test all the features of V3 testnet. The journey was exciting. I was waiting for that day since I heard zkswap launched nft marketplace on layer2.

After testing all features there are many reasons to fall in love with it. Here are some reasons why you should also take the test.

There are several advantages of using Zkswap in order to buy, sell, and create NFTS. Here are some of the top reasons you may want to consider using Zkswap:

1.Zero gas fees for peer to peer trading

2.Users keep their private keys

3.Huge scalability

4.Decentralized L2

5.Secured by the Ethereum blockchain

6.100% carbon neutral

Whether you are a developer or a consumer, Zkswap does not cost you anything to use. Although, keep in mind that outside applications are still able to charge users their own fees by default. Meaning, ZKSwap will always be able to support these use cases for various platforms.

When it comes to creating numerous NFTs on ZKSwap , you have the ability to put them into an ERC-20 token in a blockchain environment, free of cost, so you can then transfer them to the main Ethereum chain. This means no gas fees when you are creating your massive NFT project. You just need a little fee to do all the things. That’s a really cool feature that I saw in the layer2 solution. That’s why layer2 is the best ethereum solution in the current blockchain industry.

how about trading NFTs on other platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible, for example? ZKSwap allows users to trade whatever they want to trade, wherever they want to trade it. Just withdraw your nft from Layer2 to layer1 and trade it wherever you want. So simple.

Hope everyone is trying to use this as this is the future of the Ethereum network.

My address : 0x5Eb36Ba80DFb5c7a3c4c831A6c9bBD61386591F0