#ZKSwap #Rebranding My Some Opinion

Regarding the launch of V3, I think there are some suggestions for reference:

  1. Added the creation NFT function, and empowered the creation NFT:
    (1) The creation of Genesis NFT can be: airdrop to users who hold GZKS, in addition, use ZKS for panic buying and destroy all purchased ZKS.
    (2) Continue to open various types of liquid mining, and give different mining rates according to the different levels of NFT held.
    (3) Open the meta-universe function module, you can participate in various meta-universe games or social games (for example: RACA/LIMIT/SECONDLIVE), and continue to empower Chuangshi NFT. To enhance user stickiness, Metaverse games can be more open, and users with or without NFT can participate.
    (4) Both Genesis NFT and GZKS can vote for community governance. Through cooperation with other projects, users participating in community governance can obtain various airdrops.
    (5) Finally, it will be made into a project integrating SWAP+NFT+GAMEFI multifunctional modules.
  2. Maintain the original independent currency listing function, strengthen various publicity cooperation, increase marketing investment, and attract more project parties to develop in V3.
  3. Make ETH synthetic assets and develop a benchmark ETH stable currency, for example, the name is: SZERO (1SZERO=1ETH), SZERO can be obtained through liquidity mining, and airdrop to users who hold GZKS, and set positive and negative bases If the price of SZERO is higher than ETH 120%, it will automatically increase on a positive basis. If the price of SZERO is lower than ETH 85%, it will be automatically reduced on a negative basis to ensure that the price of SZERO can stabilize against the standard ETH (refer to BADGER’s DIGG against the standard BTC) .
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