#ZKSwap V3 NFT# On Layer II

A word of encouragement to the ZkSwap team for delivering what we except for V2(having Binance Chain) and we believe V3 is going to be a blast, even though there is no price movement upward that we’ve been expected. However, ZkSwap is developing and moving, thanks to The team.
Firstly, my personal experience about NFT started last year September with the NFT called GEGO an ERC721 token which we use in mining the native token called $DEGO from different mining pools such as Gigafactory, etc. $DEGO is (listed on binance) and I’ve made thought about us(zks) to list it on our dex. Secondly, as we all know that NFT is being sold at higher prices, more utilities to an NFT will make it see-through. My current thought now is that NFT will still make its history and it’s making waves by taking a look at Axie Infinity’s gaming activities. My thought about ZKS NFT is that if we can make an NFT with a marketplace for it on the dex. The NFT will be used to mine zks, the NFT should have different mining rates. It can be airdropped to early adopters of ZKS.
My suggestions and expectations of the NFT feature based on Layer2 go to ZKS. Zks should adopt the NFT mining techniques to mine Zks and halving each pool at a specific interval this is done to decrease the zks tokens in each mining pool, this should be considered ever.
My use case short video of NFT called GEGO to mine DEGO. Here is the link:- - YouTube

A big congratulation on the milestones that ZkSwap has achieved. I pray more of it to come. We are all expecting the Launching of V3. We all can’t wait. GOOD LUCK TEAM!

My wallet address:- 0x7420837cA507d4AD044aE994917A30760A11d10A