#ZKSwap Rebranding ==>> Need Awareness!

I am using ZKSwap for a long time already. I have to say, ZKSwap is very nice to use. Very friendly UI/UX, fast transactions and low fee withdrawals are pretty useful! And the most important thing for me, this projects is, this projects really put the community to the center of the project!

Since I use ZKSwap for a long time, it will be little bit funny to call it with another name. I really get use to it haha.

But I can give some suggestions.

I think Swap should be removed from the name because when you look at the market, there are countless projects “swap” in their name and most of them do not have a good reputation. Moreover, ZKSwap is a lot more than Swapping. There is no need to limit the other awesome features of ZKSwap in “swap” name.

I like the "ZK’ in the name because I find it quite useful for giving the first impression to the audience, so I would keep ZK in the name but there should be some additions to show how much more ZKSwap covers!

So, I can suggest maybe, ZKApp, ZKWallet or ZKPool.

If you want to go less mainstream then

ZKMeta, ZKEdge or ZKImmerse will be my other suggestions!