Name suggestion: CrossSwap (incl. my thoughts on the rebranding) #ZKSwap Rebranding#

I have been an eager supporter of ZKswap from the very beginning. I am very excited about the upcoming V3. Regarding the rebranding, here are my thoughts:

1 Rebranding
Rebranding is always tricky, as it takes a very long time and intensive marketing efforts for the users to get used to the new name. However, I understand that ZKswap is going down that avenue, as ZKswap is a fairly technical term that many “average” users will not be able to relate to. Also, many people confuse ZKswap with similarly named ZKsync. So, although there is certain risk with rebranding, I think this is the right way to go forward.

2 Reasoning / Considerations
Although having ZK in the name makes sense from a technical POV, I feel that an easy to remember name will be more successful in the long run. Arbitrum, Optimism or Metis lead the way here. Also ZKswap is evolving from a simple swap to a more coherent ecosystem incl. NFTs, so the name needs to evolve as well. Finally, ZKswap is already present on ETH and BSC, so the name should include this as well.

3 Name suggestion
Building on the above thoughts, my suggestion would be


4 Wallet address
If you find my suggestion and reasoning helpful, I would be very grateful for a consideration. My wallet is 0xc6404f24db2f573f07f3a60758765caad198c0c3