#ZKSwap #rebranding nice coin name

(water) a good name for zks can be interpreted as a clear, colorless, tasteless and odorless liquid. Besides being needed for survival, water also contains many meanings of life. "Just like flowing water, sometimes calm and sometimes swift. However, he can still adapt to whatever direction the flow is."2. "Let my nature flow like water, but my principles are as strong as stone."3. "Life is like flowing water, from upstream to downstream. Sometimes it goes flat, sometimes it’s steep, sometimes it’s rocky to get to a calm place."4. “Because the cool wind is not able to drive away the rain that is so heavy.” "The water must continue to flow or it will turn cloudy in a puddle."6. "Be like a candle, which never regrets when the flame burns you. Be like patient flowing water. Never be afraid to start new things."7. "Mind is like water, if it is calm it will be clear in finding solutions."8. "Hope it rains from the sky the water in the jar is spilled."9. "Water flows from the tops of the mountains, wisdom flowing from the peaks of the characters beautiful."10. "The water that flows will be clear, while the only silence will be stifled and cloudy."11. "Water that is too clear sometimes does not have fish."12. “The drops that fall on the leaves, flow straight leaving a line of water in foliage. Cool like dew.” 13. “Prosperity is like water, flowing to those who are humble in heart.” 14. “From water we learn calm, from stone we learn to be strong.” 15. "Let life flow naturally according to reality because it is against life. what is not according to desire will only bring sadness."16. "Water is always deeper than what it reflects."17. "The sound of water is sometimes worth more than all the words of a poet."18. "Water, though it flows and does not flow. has its own shape, it is the wheel on which we are formed."19. "You won’t drown just by falling into the water. You will only drown if stay there."20. “Water that is too clear sometimes has no fish.” Words of wisdom live life like flowing water. Words of wisdom water flows © Even though many obstacles try to stop the flow of water, it will continue to flow even if it looks for the smallest gap. It is likened to human life who keeps trying to find a way out when facing obstacles.21. "Life is full of twists and turns and obstacles that are unmitigated hard, so it takes behavior to flow elastically like water. So that it doesn’t break easily."22. "The falling water makes the stone fade."23. "Try to be better in the remaining time, because life is too expensive to be left like running water."24. "Try to live like water once in a while. Don’t resist, just flow according to destiny. I hope zks will be like water that is constantly needed by humans… go ahead (Water)…