#ZKSwap Rebranding#The great

Good name for ZKS… A name that will attract users. An object that can attract something may be a name (magnet), which is the correct name for attracting many users, and it is well known that this is the philosophy of magnetism… First philosophy. Magnets are powerful objects that use iron to attract other objects to stick to them. Well, let ourselves be like magnets, with a strong aura that can melt the hearts of those we love, let us have him, hold him tight to our hearts, though he is a man with a heart of stone, but with our strength of love and attention, we will have him. Second philosophy. If the same poles are near each other, the two magnets will always repel. But once the different poles get closer, they attract each other. That is, differences in a relationship should never be used as a stumbling block or obstacle. Make it a unifying and mutually reinforcing force. If one is angry, the other is ready to soften. If a person is crying, a person is ready to comfort. If one is silent, the other is ready to speak. If both do the same thing, it’s a guarantee that everything will never come together. Third philosophy. Magnets can be formed by an electric current. As a human being, we should be able to get good advice from the outside world, friends, family, and even people we don’t know well. All of these can shape us into a strong person. We can use good, reinforced and soothing inputs as a guide to life to get to know our life partner so that he or she is not separated from our life. Fourth philosophy. A magnet has a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible, but can be felt. The same is true of love and affection. Both are invisible, but can be felt by those we love and care about. We do it with words and attention. One can express love for a loved one even with a glance. Simple, right? Life is really simple. We make it complicated. A lot of people are busy looking for happiness. After all, happiness is what we create. If we don’t create, how can we find that happiness?