#ZKSwap Rebranding# Take a look at my #rebranding guys

Salute to all forum members! I want to share my idea that I had after I found out about the event in honor of the renaming of ZKSwap. But first I would like to thank the project team for the frequent events and for not forgetting about the people who believe in the project and support it. I can also responsibly state that the project has one of the fastest teams! What you manage to do in months, many cannot do in years. You have a lightning-fast reaction to trends and amazingly fast implementation of the declared technologies. No flattery, I think those who follow the project will confirm every word.

And now to the point!
I will not delay for a long time and will immediately present my work :arrow_heading_down:


I tried to find a phrase that would be catchy and memorable enough, and executed it in the “adult-childish” pixel style, giving volume through the reflections of light. This style cannot be called childish, it is a modern universal style of pixel/voxel graphics. This styling is currently incredibly popular in p2e games using blockchain and NFT. With the era of metaverses actively approaching, I think this is the perfect design option.

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