#ZKSwap and #Rebranding for good

Hello, the Zkswap team, and greetings to my colleagues. It is a very good privilege for me to be writing this. When I heard about rebranding I was so happy because this will surely distinct us from the other Zk product(which we all know about). However, what can we say rebranding is? Well, rebranding is simply a reshape of making an old product into a new one in a way that it contains a new name, term, symbol, design, notion, or combination thereof is built for an established brand with the and expectation intent of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers and of course the investors. With V3 supporting and bringing layer 2-based payment, DEX, and NFT features to our doorstep, it has made a new design and term to we the consumer. Symbol and name shall serve as (token tracker). To my memory with the crypto space(dealing with NFTs, metaverse, and payment option). I will boldly suggest a name as
Z.P.D - (Zero-Proof-Dex). Don’t mind me it looks like power rangers S.P.D.

Having I) ZPD as Dex, ll) ZPN as NFT, III) ZPP as payment.

I hope this rebranding will make us more and more famous and also increase the level of uniqueness from another dex. A good job well done the team. We all support you from the beginning. You don’t need to say thank you.

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