#ZKSwap #Rebrandingrenamed

I think “Zoom” is a better name because it’s a good name and a good token name for supporting the ZKS token community
Make ZKS token users more excited to choose tokens I think smart token is the best name. Beautiful day ZKSwap,

This is my suggestion for the new name of Zkswap as zkswap V3 will have many features such as NFT, Swap and payments.
So I suggested a new name for ZKSwap,
The new name is #Integer, and yes, you heard me suggest that “Integer” be the new name for ZKSwap.
Why is that? Because integer is one of the terms of the world of mathematics, which means the “whole” or “complete” ([integer - wikipedia] (Integer - Wikipedia)), because integer will represent the V3 has all the hallmarks of as integer under the name of an entity.
And Integer often uses the “Zahlen symbol” for all set integers. You heard that right, the “Zahlen symbol” is written with the letter “Z”, which is a good pair for the $ZKS token, and Zkswap will use the old symbol. Hopefully this name can be the best and more progressive, hopefully it will continue to be successful and become a token that can better compete in the future.

The Zehlen Symbol


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