Zkswap review and expect #V3 Testnet feedback#

As there are more blockchains showing up recently with outstanding and cutting edge technology, Ethereum has to seek solutions to its problems including the high gas fees, scalability limitations, and low throughput in order to maintain the top spot. ZKSwap with zkRollup provides the perfect fit.

To further clarify, zkRollup (Zero-knowledge Rollup) is one of the two Rollups alongside Optimistic Rollup, which are created to increase the scalability of Ethereum. The core characteristics of Rollups is that they execute transactions off-chain (Layer 2) but keep the transaction data on-chain(Layer 1), maintaining the high security from the Layer 1 blockchain (Ethereum) and at the same time producing up to 100x scalability improvements.

Imagine ZKSwap as Uniswap with additional features: 0 gas fees, faster, and more scalable. Now that Uniswap has been so successful with its model, will an enhanced alternative version of it be as flourishing?

Ethereum’s Layer-2 Scaling Solutions are expected to become even more popular in the foreseeable future as Ethereum is still facing a lot of challenges in its scalability. Among them, the zkRollup with its Zero-knowledge proof technology brings an enormous advantage over gas fees, TPS, and scalability, while still maintaining the everlasting security of Ethereum.

In the future, if those Scaling Solutions become trending, zkRollup will be a potential competitor for the top rank. And if that happens, projects like ZKSwap will be readily prepared for practical usage, which may eventually lead to the thrivingness of the project.

Now they are focusing on nft. Imaging you can now create nft on layer2 with zero gas fee. Isn’t it a dream? Yes it is. With zkswap users now can create their nft with zero gas fee. And buy, sell their nft on the marketplace without facing any problem. And this is possible only for Zkswap. Hope we will see a new revolution in crypto industry Soon…