Zkswap testnet feedback

So i tried the zkswap testnet and it was lit​:fire::fire::fire:.
I have to commend the team on a few things.

  1. I have been testing products and websites for a while but theres never a smooth sailing test procedure for me. There’s always a bug, a connection problem, an overload of users or some other annyoing problem that makes you want to stop half way. Until i tried zkswap. The process was smooth from the beginning all the way to the end.
  2. There were no bugs, or any hiccups. I could have had a problem with my eth deposit because it took some minutes to appear but the team had stated clearly earlier. That i was to expect that.
  3. The mint process was super cool amd the fact that I have to choose what token I wanted to mint with is amazing. Not to talk of how smooth the process was and the fact that i could label my nft with multiple properties making it easier to shuffle and manage in my portfolio.
  4. The swap and liquidity adding feature was as smooth as it could be. Swaps were completed in a blink of an eye with minimal gas fee.
  5. Liquidity adding was also smooth and I did it last because of the delay in eth deposit. This just means the testnet was so stressfree that i completed tasks easily.
  6. I have to admit, trading nfts was the most beautiful part. I have had problems with other sites because of delay but zkswap took the bar a mile higher and I was wowed.
    Conclusively, this is more of a praise than a feedback to this amaing team for creating zkswap the solution. One thing I’m impatient about is the mainnet. I hope everything is as smooth as it is now. Thanks guys, much love.