#ZKSwap V3 NFT# NFT is the future

ERC20 token starts the construction of web3, but NFT will be the html json language in web3 era.
Let’s get some review of NFT first, including NFT categories, evolve phases, technical trends and the opportunities in NFT domain.

(I have to combine all diagrams into one as new user can not post thread which has more than one diagram)

1. NFT Categories

Now NFT has several big categories. Refer to picture above.

From the very initial NFT project, these cats, rocks, punks, monkeys, they are most used as avatar or club access ticket, mainly for social status. Now NFT has boomed in lots of domains,
game props NFT evolves rapidly with the MetaVerse concept.

2. Evolve Phases

Lots of NFT projects happen everyday to try to push the edge of NFT to larger imagination space.

Social avatar is the first valuable use case for NFT, then crypto art combines AI and blockchain in art. Both are up-down story telling with big picture designed at first. Util loot project shows up which introduces the bottom-up story design mechanism, this project gets lots of attention and many extension project are under developing.

3. Tech Trends

There are lots of ERC / EIP related with NFT to try to resolve different issues.
And there are two tech trends to enable the liquidation of NFT, cross chain and fragmentation.

4. Marketplace Opportunities

Layer 2 will resolve the expensive GAS issue of etherum which is the advantage of ZKSwap NFT.
There are also some issue/opportunities for NFT marketplace. Such as will it be a marketplace for a special category, how to handle the meta data storage which is better to be saved in distribution way but now most projects save in centralized servers. How to increase the liquidity, is there any fragmentation and stake solution? And is there any social community consideration in the marketplace, such as twitter links or QR code .

Rough thoughts just FYI and wish ZKSwap NFT a big success! :star_struck:

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