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1.However, this is not an easy task, even compared to the challenge of finding ways to capitalise the cryptocurrency market. The challenge for NFT lies in the name itself: each token is irreplaceable, or to some extent unique, with its own theoretical market price. In addition, individual items in the collection may rarely or never be sold.

  1. I have been interested in NFT for a long time, I purchased some works, one of them seems interesting to me, although it doesn’t claim to be placed in the best gallery in the world, it looks interesting.
    In the end, I was confused by the subjectivity of NFT art, and a lot of the work was hard to understand and looked like some kind of abstraction, although there might be something in it.
    I hope ZKSwap succeeds in this area and becomes one of the best

  2. This will be a great digital work center, trying to make NFT is not an easy thing to do, but it is an effort to get good results.
    NFT’s vision will be a new milestone for the blockchain and crypto industry.
    Hopefully this NFT feature will be implemented with enthusiasm soon and be a success for zKswap V3 NFT.
    There are always problems with everything, but this is really the thing that gets it done.

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