ZKSwap - #V3 Testnet Feedback#

I would like to commend the entire technical team for such a smooth UI, to begin with.

  1. The interface is simple with clearly defined function keys. Though a dark theme would be incredible.
  2. Order execution is smooth and super fast.
  3. Creating NFTs is simple. Though I was not able to create an NFT without creating a profile.
  4. The transaction cost wasn’t so low. It quoted almost 40 USD for providing liquidity which I then changed to ETH.
  5. Swaps of ZKS and USDT are only available to ETH. Direct swaps to other currencies would save on gas and time.
  6. Minting NFTs or trading NFTs was easy. However, a filter option would make things easy.
    Having all the options from a single platform without being cluttered makes it a game-changer.

I wish the team all the success going forward.

My wallet address - 0x48c7e0db3DAd3FE4Eb0513b86fe5C38ebB4E0F91