ZKSwap Weekly Dev & Operations Update (11.13 – 11.19)

Hi, swappers!

This week we’ve been busy with the Rebranding campaign and further tests on V3 features. Currently, our test team has gone through most functions of the PC versions and the Explorer of V3. During the Rebranding campaign, many users have offered valuable suggestions on the future plans of ZKSwap. Thanks so much for your active participation and please remember, your support is rewarded! Follow ZKSwap on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram and stay tuned to our latest updates!

Latest Technical Progress
The tech team has completed development on the server end, the underlying circuit, the contract and the front end, the interface logic of each end is clear, and there are minor bugs to be fixed. At present, the test team has reviewed 70% of the PC end and the Explorer, with the rest to be reviewed by the end of the next week. We will continue optimizing the product based on the test result. The mobile app of V3 has also entered the test phase, with 10% tested. The roadmap has been updated, and a new white paper is being drafted, which is expected to be finalized by next week.

Latest Community Progress
The #ZKSwap Rebranding# campaign ended this Wednesday. From November 18th to 19th, we launched a community voting campaign and a lottery, encouraging community members to vote for their favorite names out of the 10 selected ones. The second round of voting is held between 7:00am to 9:00am UTC on November 19th. 20 lucky participants will win 20 ZKS each, and the user whose proposal wins the most votes will be rewarded with 200 ZKS.

Data Highlights & Media Exposure
This week saw 4 press releases along with 14 tweets, reposted by 24 global media platforms and reaching over 33M users. Besides, our Twitter followers have grown to 33.5K.

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