My #Feedback to ZKS #V3 Testnet

As we all know, ZKS V3 Testnet was launched on 7:00 am UTC, 1,Dec.
I have been looking forward to ZKS V3 for so long and felt so excited when it finally come out. When I experienced ZKS V3 Testnet for the first time, I was shocked at the pink and clean homepage. It looks like pink sands asides the sea :ocean: :ocean:, which is more brilliant and comfortable than the purple one before.

And the newly NFT related features are the most charming part that I love. Really funny! :clown_face: :alien: :robot:You can mint NFT anything, anytime and anywhere you like: a picture of cat :raccoon:, a short video of film :statue_of_liberty:, a character of cartoon :teddy_bear: and even a suit of clothes :coat:. What you need to do before minting NFT is just unlocking your wallet and fill in the profile, simple and convenient,which is vital, especially for a blochain freshman like me. With NFT, I can create my own world. :japanese_castle: And my NFT Called KingCats,sounds great, right? Welcome to purchase my KingCats, although it is nothing to do with cats, by the way. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Of course , there are also some bugs that I found in ZKS V3 testnet. When I collectd testnet tokens from faucet, it keeps in pending for almost 6 hours. And when i depoisted from my l2 address, the token is also confirming. I really hope that the transaction time will be shortened a lot thus we can get the great joys of trading ZKS. Although there are some bugs, but it doesn’t affect me passion on it and I firmly believed that in the future, less and less bugs will be found there. And more and more features will be found on ZKS products ,like Gamefi :video_game: :joystick: :game_die:, Defi,and etc.

Really look forward to ZKS V3 Official will be online soon!

L2 Address: 0x5D5b4a0eF4bcd6f30Cac3A0780A4BDa3748376C6