Nft Related feedback #ZKSwap V3 NFT#

Nft marketplace gives me the visibility that will allow me to explain my view of what art NFTs are - Which is a little different from what the majority of people think…

To try keeping it simple, I think that NFTs should and will be considered as digital lithographs.
My view is that the NFTs that will become the most valuable are the ones edited in a very limited number of editions and supported by a physical work. (Imagine holding the 1/1 NFT version of a physical work acquired by a museum…)

Indeed, It’s important to me that physical works exists because it allows to convey emotions, feelings and imagination.

I do not believe that NFTs will become certificates of authenticity of physical works … quite simply because no technology has convinced me in this sense.

I see NFTs as a new medium of sales, whose main characteristics are the absence of possibility to counterfeit as well as the ease of exchange.

In my opinion I think NfT is here to stay, the world is becoming more and more digital and NfTs are a way to exchange art quickly in a secure and authentic way with a better liquidity than traditional market. I think it could be a real source of income both for collectors and creators.

i mint only very limited nfts … most of my NFTs are 1/1, which gives them value… It also gives you the opportunity to have a digital work, easy to trade and transfer.

imagine holding the 1/1 NFT version of a physical work acquired by a museum…