My thoughts on NFT - #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

As you know, you can make an nft token any thing that exists in the digital space, for example, pictures, music, items for games.
Why did nft tokens become so popular? The thing is that each nft is unique, it exists in a single copy. It may look like an ordinary picture, in fact, all information about the author and owners are fixed in the blockchain records thanks to the special functions of smart contracts. At their core, nft acts as a digital certificate for a specific object to confirm its authenticity and unique structure.

Banksy painting that was burned

However, a big plus of the NFT token is that they can be used to pay not only for digital items and services, but also for quite real ones. Everyone already knows about the famous burning of Banksy’s painting and its translation into nft format, but there are other examples. According to statistics, nft began to be used to conduct real estate transactions. This share is 13%. Also, with their use, users acquire domains, collections of card games and much more.

Most importantly, interest in nft not only continues to persist among many users, but is also growing rapidly. This means that the platform that specializes in the sale of nft tokens has a bright future.

I hope that ZKS will be able to choose the right direction of development and the launch of nft V3 will be the right step, which guarantees the rapid and successful development of the entire project as a whole.