Prospects for using nft tokens - #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

It seems to me that the new technology has great prospects.

There can be many examples, but the simplest one is art. Digital art or digital copies of art objects. Any painting or statue in the real world is unique. There is an original, and everything else can exist in the form of any copies or variants in any quantity.

There is “Scream” (painting of Munk), and if you make at least some molecular copy that cannot be distinguished from the original in any way, the original will be of value. Yes, you can deceive someone with a good fake, but, firstly, this is not the point now, and secondly, NFT will be deprived of just such a problem.

By the way, as many might think, NFT has nothing to do with copyright in this case. You are buying the item, not the rights to use it. In the same way, if you bought the original of a painting, you would not get the right to, for example, sell merchandise with the image of this painting.

In addition, NFT can find application in the music industry (albums in the form of NFT are already being released), the film industry, in the field of ticket sales, some kind of VIP invitations and certificates, in the service sector and in general almost everywhere.