#ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback# FOR V2

WOW!!! A big thank you to ZKS team for delivering a cool and super fast V2 in the testnet. I followed the procedure and I could see how interesting it was. kudos to you all. from previous experience i participated in v1 and here comes the delivery of V2. you guys are always Fantastic.

Characteristics/advantage of the V2 are:-

  1. fast.
  2. easy navigation(UI and UX )
  3. provide coin listing and easy approval of the listed coin by the team(dev).
  4. providing Liquidity to the approved coin.

disadvantage:- there is a little to non problem in this, as we already know it is in testnet, it takes more time probably more than 5mins to confirm the amount deposited.

thank you ZKS TEAM for delivering this to our door steps.

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