YOUR VOICE MATTERS - Tell Us Your Expectations & Suggestions for ZKSwap BSC Version

With ZKSwap V2 online, the ZKSwap ecosystem is constantly being enriched and improved. Recently, ZKSwap V2 was deployed on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC, formerly known as Binance Smart Chain) testnet, and an official launch will come in the short run, making ZKSwap the first layer2 DEX deployed on the BSC, a blockchain platform at the forefront of the DeFi movement.

While the BSC network becomes increasingly congested as more users are swarming to the platform, its higher transaction fees and longer transaction time provide a poor user experience. Such problems are not rare anymore. That’s why we seek to bring ZKSwap V2, an upgraded version of ZKSwap V1 with exciting new features, to the BSC.

First and foremost, we would like to hear your expectations and suggestions for the BSC version of ZKSwap. All participants will have a chance to share a prize pool of 10,000 ZKS, and more importantly, to build something you love.

Details are as follows:

Event Period: August 20, 2021 - September 3, 2021 (UTC)

Event Rules:

Write down your expectations and suggestions for the BSC version of ZKSwap on Forum, including but not limited to

  1. Should the BSC version of ZKSwap issue an independent governance token, dubbed BZKS?
  2. What coins should be listed on the BSC version of ZKSwap?
  3. What fee tokens should be added to the BSC version of ZKSwap?
  4. What are your expectations for the first Layer2 product on the BSC?


  1. Best Contribution Award

    25 winners and each will get 200 ZKS .

  2. Honorable Mention Award

    100 winners and each will get 50 ZKS .


Don’t forget to add #ZKSwap BSC# to the title of your post and leave your Layer2 address to receive the rewards. We will announce the winners and distribute the rewards two weeks after the event ends.


#ZKSwap BSC#

First, my impression is very special considering that there is no layer 2 AMM on the BSC network, but even though the fee is very cheap, the deposit time is long enough to get to layer 2 even though the gas consumed is very little. This is very important because the speed of transactions determines the speed with which we make decisions. secondly, there is a need for BZKS as a governance token that can maintain price stability in each network supported by ZKSwap. third, for the suggestion that the list of coins on ZKSwap should be considered from the market share and the interests of investors there so as to increase trading traffic on ZKSswap. 4, useing BNB as Gas fee to more reliable using ZKSwap on Binance Network, Conclusion all part was ready to launch and give more experience to trader make mor profit on Layer 2, Thanks Before

adress : 0x2469d45e20613ee83a8f0183552d672c8d35c5cf


1.very good nicknamed $BZKS
4. it’s easier to transact in the first layer 2 in bsc, simple, & a great project that can create this :fire:


#ZKSwap #BSC

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  1. I guess its a must. Because a DAO would be nice with governance token.
  2. Top 100 CMC is Good and a few gaming token
  3. $BNB, $ZKS, $BANANA, $CAKE,
  4. Easier, lower gas fee and faster obviously.

#ZkSwap #Bsc


this project very very good with nickname $BZKS and this project Top 100 CMC will be listed ZKS BSC version. it is very easier to transaction in the first layer 2 in Binance Smart Chain, Simple and Great project dan create this.

My address: 0x415E44ad065c784348e59FE0EF1023aB47B8C441

#ZKSwap #BSC

  1. Of course, right now whatever the blockchain is, it’s a shame if it doesn’t have anything to do with the Binance Smart Chain.

  2. $TKO, $SFP, $BAKE, $CAKE $BNB


  4. efficient and affordable use of gas.

#ZKSwap #BSC

1-I guess its a must. Because a DAO would be nice 2-with governance token.
3-Top 100 CMC is Good and a few gaming token

5-Easier, lower gas fee and faster obviously.

#ZkSwap #Bsc

Address: 0x0787489e571c198700454D7bF15fb3bdc922a6C3

1-I guess its a must. Because a DAO would be nice 2-with governance token.
3-Top 100 CMC is Good and a few gaming token
4-Have Partner
5-Easier, lower gas fee and faster obviously.
6.Create NFT community


#ZkSwap #Bsc

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transparent, simple, zero fee, fast transaction
Succes always for you :pray::pray:


#ZKSwap #BSC

I hope that if ZKSwap has a BSC version, it can uphold the BSC name with your product.

  1. Yes, you have to, it’s an identification for your product, I think like that, every project every time you launch a dex there must be a side he issues a token

  2. for now you need to maximize the selection of coins, you are looking for what coins are in great demand and have many fans, Like BNB,TKO,BANANA etc.

  3. I hope your product in L2 runs smoothly, and can identify fraudulent projects✌️



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First of all, I would like to congratulate ZKS for launching a program on the Binance smart chain of your choice!

  1. I agree! if ZKS launches BZKS as ZKS nickname on the BSC platform


  3. Easier, lower gas fee and faster obviously and multiply events


#ZKSwap #Launching

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#ZKSwap #BSC

The low gas is really a great one…it increases the users and attract more projects into ZKSwap…the involvement of BSC in ZKSwap will really will be a great milestone to ZKSwap. we need to increase more utilities like staking,farming pools etc it will also helps ZKSwap to maintain its stable growth and long term vision

My address -0x6073C3A1C92518313e74a76E3fa955ADa495F80d

Welcome to Family Binance smart chain💎

  1. a name that makes people interested in hearing it, really fits BZKS!

  2. for now there are a lot of NFT tokens and games to raise the level, you can choose game tokens or NFT that are hyip,like SLP,ALICE,CAKE,BAKE,BANANA


  4. I hope that at Layer 2 you can change the name of the Binance smart chain to a high-end product



#ZKSwap BSC#

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  1. Is a good nicknamed BZKSwap

  2. Top 100 in CMC Will Listed ZKS V.BSC


  4. $BZKS a wonderful project ,with an amazing team ,I believe this project would be a gift to the crypto world


#ZKSwap #BSC

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  1. Good idea, and good to get that name, for the future which is more specific to BSC network

  2. In my opinion, many people say that the TOP 100 CMC is good to be listed on the BSC version of Zkswap, but even better Tokens that have good fundamentals and future so that the BSC version of ZKSwap is realized well and has a good outlook, (not as long as registering the token ).

  3. For the bsc version of Zkswap, using $BNB/BSC tokens for gas is better as usual because it uses the BSC network

  4. My hope is that as in general, it is easier to use, has no bugs, is more detailed, fast transactions, and is specific in making transactions.

My Address : 0xaEA3e94D1E705565D7E308D10Ed2646c43C0c43e

#ZKSwap BSC#

  1. A pretty good name, and in accordance with the network used
  2. Coins like $TWT,$SFUND,$CAKE,$BAKE,$SATOZHI and others are top 100 CMC coins and have good fundamentals
  3. only using the $BNB/BSC Token is more than enough like in general because it moves on the BSC network
  4. easier to use, can be realized well and also conduct audits of projects that will be listed properly to avoid fraudulent projects

Address : 0x1311597Ee4219cAb31f27D86808B4143642F665D

#ZKSwap #BSC

  1. the name is very interesting it corresponds to the network, BZKS (Binance ZKS ).
  2. Coins that are detailed in carrying out the project, such as $CAKE, $BAKE, $ZOON , and others
  3. BSC alone is enough
  4. can run more quickly and precisely in realizing the project


#ZKSwap #BSC

  1. has become a must because in order to match the expectations of all of us
  2. $Coin98 $TKO $ALPACA $MBOX and others, registered on the BSC network
  3. In my opinion, for gas costs on the BSC network, just using the BSC token will make it easier for users who use it
  4. My hope is that the project can run well and the most important thing is not to list tokens that are not good or can be called the project not running (scam)

Address : 0x2fb011ec4345af5466BBfFFb9fAe5D37C4a4e569

#ZKSwap #BSC

1… Yes, I think it is necessary because now there are so many people who are still using the network, those who use other networks may be people who have studied a lot about crypto.

2…if now maybe coin98 is a possible choice for zkswap because now the coin is on the rise and may be bigger in the future.

3.Pancakeswap $CAKE and Mdex $MDEX are the best choice of token fee for bsc can be used.

4…my expectation for ZKSwap layer2 is for zkswap to be a place where there will be many options for using current or future products and lots of people who know how great your product :smiley:

#ZKSwap BSC#


  1. Maybe yes
  2. Of course Bitcoin/ETH, or any popular coin, include BNB
  3. Just a lower fee, and don’t too high, but don’t too low, cause all admin need some award for all hardwork. So this is our way to give a little kindness
  4. Maybe layer 2 can make BNB as most popular coin? Like BTC/ETH i hope so. New experience, hope get more profit right? xD

#ZKSwap #BNB

Address : 0x7154c49FFDf2Cb6A180E8d7D110FC31a1979722A