Just Thinking Out Loud #Zkswap #Bsc

It is much more convenient to use one gov. coin – gZKS - to manage ZKSwap in different networks, this, at least, will leave it at the same level of accessibility to the community and usability. You will not have to post posts and write your opinion in the comments in various branches of the forum, conduct voting separately. There will be an opportunity, without sharing thoughts, to publish them together, without losing the opportunity to preserve the general idea of the post and the proposed options for further development of the project. And maybe it will also allow you to develop and improve ZKSwap more quickly and confidently

Of the coins that I consider it necessary to add, these are SFUND, CAKE, DOT. These coins are very often bought and sold, and it is very rational to proceed from this. You can also look at how potentially successful the project is before adding its coins to ZKSwap. But since you are asking what coins for the BSC version I personally would like to see, they are TKO, SFP, COIN98, TKO, ALPACA, MBOX, BANANA, CAKE, BAKE, BIDR, BURGER

Maybe we should leave all 4 current commission coins - USDT, ETH, WBTC, ZKS? Unless I would add BUSD or BNB on my own, since these coins belong to the network in which ZKSwap will now work

If there is no need to increase the number of commission coins, why complicate something, because they were chosen not by chance, but because they are the largest coins. For example, I am happy with everything now. And I assume that other users, like me, do not worry much about the number of coins for commissions

I believe that the distribution on the BSC network is a very good decision, it will allow us to attract new users and greatly increase the current active audience, because BSC is one of the most popular networks. And it would be a very big mistake to bypass it. But you also need to develop ZKSwap in BSC, without depriving it of all the necessary and additional functions and chips that ZKSwap has in the ETH network. Otherwise, users will be reluctant to use new features that are not currently ready for full use