#ZKSwap BSC my opinion on ZKSwap

Let me answer the official question first.

  1. Whether the BSC version should issue the governance token bzks independently:
    I think it should be issued, but it needs to remain the same as the total amount of ZKS on Ethereum, and no additional issuance is allowed.

  2. Which currencies should the official BSC version go online
    In addition to the popular currencies on Ethereum, BSC featured currencies, such as cake, zoo and other popular currencies of defi and gamefi, must be launched to attract some users to experience the silk slide transaction of layer2.

  3. What are the service charge currencies that users can select in the BSC version:
    If possible, you can let users choose the mainstream currencies. After all, what you choose is the most suitable for you.

  4. What do you expect from the first layer2 asset in the BSC chain?
    Of course, I hope it’s bzks. First cross the chain of ZKS on Ethereum, and then the next step is to install coins. Come on, ZKS!

Then let me talk about my views and suggestions on ZKSwap.
As a brand-new layer2 project, it has solved the problem of congestion on the chain. It has operated smoothly on the Ethereum chain for more than half a year, has profound technical accumulation, and has accumulated a lot of operation experience. There have been no safety accidents, and the user’s funds are absolutely safe.

The original intention of layer2 for all is to expand the capacity of major public chains and solve the problems of congestion on the chain and high gas fees. Although congestion has not yet occurred in other networks, congestion will happen sooner or later with the increase of the overall volume of the industry and the growth of the number of users. It is hoped that zkswap team will not forget its original intention and firmly contribute to the blockchain network in terms of network capacity expansion technology.

There are hot and characteristic currencies on Ethereum and BSC. Don’t use too many. Do a good job with some popular currencies. For the interests of customers, they will naturally retain customers, so as to attract more users to experience the silk slide transaction of layer2.

Finally, I hope ZKSwap will not forget its original intention and get better and better.
My address is:0x64bE19027F56b202D95f1A055474bFf7d7D3ecc9