#ZKSwap Mobile # Network error message with Android app beta 0.1.2

Hi team,

Nice to see the app available for beta testing, I’ve downloaded the app (latest version 0.1.2-102-202104261747) for android and installed it successfully. I’ve been able to configure my wallet with private key but unfortunatlyI can’t use it as I have always an error message “Network issue”. Whatever the menu, I have this message through the app and so the content doesn’t load.
I’ve tried to deactivate/activate wifi, LTE… without success.
I’m using a OnePlus 8 with android 11, I add some screen to help you.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi, thanks for bringing this to us, we will contact our tech team do figure it out!

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I’ve tried to install the new application version 0.1.3, the issue is still there.

We are trying to fix this problem, since the location we can cover in testing is very limited, may need more time.

Thanks for your advice. please send us your address, we will send you reward in 3 days after the activity end

Hi ZKSwapp-YY,

I’ve sent a DM for the address, thanks for the help.
About location I’ve tried the application with VPN to be sure it wasn’t related, and it doesn’t seem to be the case (USA,HK,South Korea,Europe…), still the same issue.
Some other user with OnePlus phone seems to encountered the same issue, something link to the brand or dualsim ?



I didn’t received the rewards as expected :worried:

Feedback reward activity will close at the end of this week, reward will distribute in 3 days after the activity end

Ok I was thinking you were talking about the testing rewards for the beta of the app, as I can’t participate due to the bug…
About the Bug it fixed in 0.1.4 , good job :wink: