[#ZKSwap Mobile #] Not able to send tokens from L2 to L2

Not able to send tokens from L2 to L2 address

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Could u tell us your ip location and version of your system?

Oneplus5 android 10 ip address india
Application version 0.1.0
Application version 0.1.3 is not working if I open it will come as network error

Because of network error in application I was not able to complete the L2 to L2 transfer task… it is the fault in application otherwise I completed all other tasks…I missed the beta testing rewards because of bug in application…can you consider to reward the tokens…

we will start next round of promotion, more rewards will be distributed!

btw Thanks for telling us the bug. please send me your address, we will send you reward in 3 days after the activity end.


Thank you…