#ZKSwap Mobile # Slow and incorrect display Android app

Recently I downloaded a wallet. (Android app)
The following shortcomings are revealed:

  1. very slow processing of commands
  2. the menu is not displayed correctly ( it seems that some features overlaps the other)
  3. the information ( market , assets is not displayed - non-stop loading process)

Looking forward to use this wallet.
Good luck to ZKS team.
#ZKSwap Mobile #

Thanks for your kindly reply, would you like to provide phone brand and system version. we will take further steps to fix it

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phone brand Samsung (android 8.1.0.)
I’ll try this app on more new Android version.

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I’ve just imported account to another phone Samsung A30s. (android 10) The same problems …

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We are working on it!

Thanks for your advice. please send us your address, we will send you reward in 3 days after the activity end

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Hello @ZKSwap-YY ,
Thanks a lot. I really looking forward to use in full #ZKSwap Mobile.
My address 0xF661E7dcf5Bea3ab1e4961AbeA1bDDCfa9e7525b
Good luck!

As far as I understood the feedback activity ended. When can I expect promised rewards? :face_with_monocle: THX

already distributed to your address: 0xF661E7dcf5Bea3ab1e4961AbeA1bDDCfa9e7525b days ago, please kindly check

Hello @ZKSwap-YY , i’ve checked and have 0 balance. :sob: Would you be so kind to recheck from your side? thank you in advance.