Response about #ZKSwap V3 #NFT

Hello admin, I want to share my opinion regarding ZKSwap v3 NFT :

The first time I got to know ZKSwap, of course, in 2020, I first got to know ZKSwap, of course at the Zkswap event. I am very enthusiastic about learning about ZKswap, always following its developments, and at this time I am participating in a campaign event about ZKswap v3 NFT, I am very happy with this new innovation because the project development is very good, about NFT I also got to know NFT in early 2020 At first, NFT was widely discussed by the public. This NFt has a good future because the nature of this nft itself is quite unique.
My initial vision was to recognize NFT so that it could make one of the developments of the era, of course on blockchain, and make painters (creative content)/collectors easier for them to find/create NFT.
Because of the enthusiasm of this NFT, of course there will always be problems on a platform or project but this is not the end of everything, of course it can be used as a lesson so that this NFT is more advanced and successful.
My hopes and suggestions for the NFT feature based on layer2 of course I hope that with this NFT feature ZKSwap will attract more users and investors who are interested in all its new innovations.
and a little advice from me to make it easier for users when using this feature and of course many people always complain about fees, so my suggestion for this NFT feature is ZKSwap also reduces fees for each transaction.

here is a little picture when I access ZKSwap layer2:

everything went smoothly and there was no problem at all when accessing it

Address : 0xB96c467A1Dc4cc3A06290396f134F0C094437Bd2