#ZKSwap Mobile # Feedback

Recently downloaded ZKSwap App, I have created new wallet, Usually the backup pharse section should not allow to take screenshot , I have deposited FEI in my ZKSwap APP ETHER (L1). In the Transfer function from Ether (L1) to Fast Account (L2), When i click on the available balance it should be automatically update in the Transfer Amount, But we should manual enter the amount. The Miner Fees is 0.0138 ETH to transfer from L1 to L2. And the swap function it shows wrong data in the Ref Price, It shows 1 ETH = 1048. And to withdraw the amount from L1 account the Miner Fees is around 0.0078 ETH. This is new wallet address created through ZKSWAP 0xbfc10459b8ad65c86699d1a571ab86ea3c8c0443

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good suggestion.
Thanks for your advice. please send us your address, we will send you reward in 3 days after the activity end

thank you