#ZKSwap V3 #NFT The best generatoin

I’ve read many stories the last few months about nft so i decided to see if i could create my own nft. It was a long journey. The first step in my NFT journey was to find a website that provided the service of both creating an NFT and selling it once it was created. For no other reason than expediency. After carrying out a few hours of research, I decided on rarible. This website is an online marketplace linking sellers, generally content creators such as digital artists, meme-makers and model creators with buyers who can select the pieces they wish to purchase. They also provide online auction services to sellers.Of course, this is not done free of charge.
First i created an account and then load some eth to create my first ever nft. Believe me it was a great experience. Since then i am a nft lover. Throughout my nft journey i created a lot of nft and sell it on various marketplace. But it was not a easy journey because i lost too many $ just for gas charge. It was a painful experience. I am really happy to know that Zkswap working with it. L2 nft wow! This is what i’m looking for. Without nft i am useless and this nft is the futures of all digital art. In my nft journey i faces many problem. One of the main problem is fake nft. It’s very painful when you see that someone steal your original content and sell it on marketplace without your permission. So my expectations from Zkswap dev to filter orginal nft and show it on front page so every user find the original content easily.