#V3 Testnet Feedback# by rhcfeynman

Hi everyone !
I have participated ZKSwap testnet and I just want to give you my experience:
Some good things:

  • Quickly deposit
  • DEX is quite good. Swapping, add liquidity is smooth and quick
  • Easy to create/sell my own NFTs
    But there are some problems:
  • When you visit a NFT at any page in marketplace and then go back, Its always go the the first page or “mint” page. I think its not good experience for many people.
  • Can withdraw NFT even when Its listing on marketplace.
  • Can not find NFT by name, only ID
  • No function to edit/remove NFT, once you submitted, you can not touch it anymore.
  • Can not create a group NFT
  • Withdraw is slow
  • Marketplace lack of some function like filter, floor price …
  • When you go the NFT menu, Its always show a random NFT. It would be better if It show a hottest NFT or most visit NFT on marketplace

My wallet : 0xC62DC5C6f306E67BF1e9D0346b579000Bc88b6c4
Hope this is helpful.