#V3 Testnet Feedback# by Tij

It was a little frustrating figuring how much eth was needed (because the dollar amounts are different to the regular eth mainnet dollar amount), but it was fine after that. I did, however, run into an issue often when on the nft minting page. When I’d try to mint, it would say “unlock wallet”. When I would try to unlock wallet, it would prompt me to sign the transaction in metamask, which I did, but nothing would change. I think that was just the signing to connect to the site. If I went to my profile and edited some things, then went back, it would work. The process would be different, though. Then I would click connect wallet, and it would offer up metamask, as well as wallet connect and all the other options. when I would click that, I could sign to connect my wallet, but then I also got the additional prompt to unlock the wallet. Overall, I think the process worked well enough, and it was certainly faster and cheaper than anything on the mainnet of ethereum. I would maybe suggest making it a bit clearer on how to handle the rest of the non fungible token stuff. Some of it was confusing as to where my non fungible token was, where I could sell them, where I could buy another one, etc. But overall, I am absolutely looking forward to this once it launches on the mainnet. I have avoided messing with non fungible tokens on the ethereum mainnet due to the insane and expensive fees, but this would absolutely be a great platform to properly make use of them. I am definitely looking forward to what you guys have in store from here on out!

Beyond that, everything worked swimmingly. good luck,well done and congratulations to the team!