#V3 testnet #feedback - Nothing exciting to report but a few comments

Wallet 0x186E20ae3530520C9F3E6C46F2f5d1062b784761

Site was initially frozen/non-responsive. After refresh/clear cache I was able to connect my wallet.

For Minting: When attempting to upload photos the preview did not work (gifs and non HD/HDR pics seemed to work fine). It just takes a bit longer to populate. When I went to mint, it kept saying ‘max 20 characters’ but not sure which field it meant (name of NFT, description, etc.). Eventually figured out the name can only be 20-characters.

Buy/Sell functions all worked smoothly. A function allowing sorting by date created, cost, last sold, etc. would be great. Also ability to search by words in the title/description.

The price of eth was not correct when transferring from L1 to L2.

When viewing NFTs in the Mall, it would be nice to be able to see the price per currency.

I liked the ‘Discover More.’

After an NFT is minted you should be directed to your NFT page.

Purchase and sale worked with no apparent issues.

I could not get the USDT faucet to work, not sure what the issue was with that, but the Eth faucet worked fine.

The swap functions worked great.

Overall very happy with the interface and experience. Excited to see the full rollout!

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