#V3 Testnet Feedback# ecaleb71

I am a new Zkswap user. I find this new platform very interesting and very user-friendly. I’m used to working on other platforms and various crypto chains (Eth, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism etc.). I especially like the visually enhanced block explorer, which will include all transactions.

Deposit, send and withdraw money with several assets and allow us to have an overview of the last three (3) transactions

After deposit money from L1 to L2 Rinkeby, without updating the page I didn’t see that money was credited to L2 wallet. Then, when I make a deposit there is a longtime to wait. It would be interesting to speed up the process time to get the result more quickly.

Also the ETH price was not right in recalculation to USD.

I tried all available options on the Zkswap: mint, buy, sell. I will appreciate to have an option to insert a filter that allow us to make a transaction (purchase, sell etc) in ETH, USDT, USDC. I think it would be better if instead of this description it would directly move the user to his NFT profile (where he will see the purchased NFT).

For new users it is a little bit difficult to find a section with help on using the application, especially a video on how to add tokens to the listing. When a user enters the platforms for the first time, he can be offered an interactive guide explaining where the sections and functions are located, as well as the subtitles associated with them.

My wallet address: 0xb9cBFEA5754917e68d0F749E2d269EC5d2F2A39E

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